INIA Quilamapu investigator gives a speech about Sweet cherries cracking tolerance

Dr. Cristián Balbontín from INIA Quilamapu (Chile) gave a presentation about the Role of Abscisic Acid and Jasmonates in Sweet Cherry Fruit Cracking Tolerance, included in the Fondecyt program.

During his talk to the ANTIOX group and other members of the Plant Physiology section from the Biology faculty of University of Barcelona, he revised the physiological, molecular and agronomical parameters that influence cracking on sweet cherries, which is one of the main losses in crop production of this fruit. He also introduced his advances on the research of molecular aspects of this phenomenon and his future goals to fully understand the biological mechanism of cracking in cherry fruits.

In this context, throughout his stay at the University of Barcelona he teamed up with the ANTIOX group to analyse his samples with mass spectrometry, a technique by which the group of Dr. Sergi Munné-Bosch has a wide expertise.


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