University of Barcelona highlights our research

Our research work appears in the news of University of Barcelona

Key role of ABA in the postharvest senescence of a leafy vegetable

New article published in the Plant Biotechnology Journal about postharvest senescence in leafy vegetables like green cabbage

Joining up with APC Europe, SL

The ANTIOX group starts a new partnership with APC Europe, SL

Photo-oxidative stress during leaf, flower and fruit development

We have recently published a new review in Plant Physiology about photo-oxidative stress


New project with the company MACASA S.L.

The Antiox group starts a new collaborative project with Productos Agrícolas Macasa SL

Three-Minute Talk

The PhD students of the ANTIOX group Marina Pérez, Erola Fenollosa and Paula Muñoz took part in the Three Minute Talk (3MT) competition, held at the Faculty of Biology


Triple thesis defense

The ANTIOX group members: Laura Siles, Javier Miret and Eva Fleta-Soriano defended their PhD theses at the University of Barcelona

8th International Cherry Symposium

Our ANTIOX member Verónica Tijero took part in the 8th International Cherry Symposium in Japan


INIA Quilamapu investigator gives a speech about Sweet cherries cracking tolerance

Dr. Cristián Balbontín from INIA Quilamapu (Chile) visited the ANTIOX group and gave a speech about sweet cherries cracking tolerance

Collaboration to awake trees

A new product results from the partnership between ANTIOX group and Biovert company


IX Simpósio Ibérico de Maturação e Pós-Colheita

Our research group participates in the IX Iberian Simposium of Fruit Ripening and Postharvest

The importance of knowledge transfer from University

Dr. Sergi Munné Bosch talking about the importance of company collaborations for a Fundació Bosch i Gimpera interview.


Lainco, S.A. project

New collaboration with Lainco, S.A.

Biovert S.L. project

Our group collaboration with Biovert S.L. regarded as an innovative project by the PCTI