Our bachelor students are ready for their final degree project defense

The bachelor students performing their internship at the ANTIOX group are reaching their final stage of their undergraduate program by defending their final degree project (TFG) this July 2021. All projects have been related with the Agri-Food research field, but we had a great diversity of exciting themes!

Our students Clara Mirabent and Míriam Domènech have studied different postharvest treatments to understand their function and feasibility to implement in diverse fruit models. Clara has developed her TFG entitled “Effects of the exogenous application of methyl-jasmonate in “Bacon” avocados” under the supervision of Celia Vincent and Sergi Munné-Bosch, where she has gained new insights into the mechanisms of this compound during postharvest storage of avocados. Likewise, Míriam developed her TFG entitled “Development of a commercial product to delay stone fruit decay during postharvest and delay their shelf-life” under the supervision of Paula Muñoz and investigated different solutions that could have a positive effect on the postharvest storage of stone fruits.

The students Carmen González and Alba González developed their final projects on biostimulants to allow crop irrigation with water from wastewater treatment plants under the supervision of Marta Pintó-Marijuan. Carmen’s TFG was entitled “Effect of melatonin concentration in the cultivation of peppers irrigated with reclaimed water”, while Alba’s project was entitled “Role of 2,4-epibrasinolide in the response mechanisms to salt stress in Capsicum annuum: How does it affect the productive and qualitative parameters?”.

Núria Fernández developed her TFG under the supervision of Sergi Munné-Bosch and her title is “Biofortification of β-carotene in shoots of chia (Salvia hispanica) with plant growth regulators”, where she has investigated the effects of different plant hormones to increase the contents of β-carotene in chia seeds which naturally have low contents of this compound.

Their project defense is taking place at Biology’s Faculty of the University of Barcelona from 12th to 14th July. We wish them the best luck for their defense and their projects ahead!


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