Our latest review of vitamin E appears in press!

The ANTIOX group has recently published a review about vitamin E in Trends in Plant Science describing the latest research implemented to better understand the role of  vitamin E in plants at synthesis, transport and function level.

The University of Barcelona press has underlined the relevance of this article in the context of vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant which can modulate environmental cues in plants through the regulation of signalling events between the chloroplast and the nucleus of plant cells. Moreover, the discovery of a new protein able to translocate vitamin E in chloroplasts and new pathways to synthesize vitamin E through chlorophyll degradation is also relevant for human health if enhanced food is developed, as vitamin E is an essential element in diets, and important to modulate the timing of fruit and flower development.

Therefore, this review gives new perspectives on vitamin E and opens a new frame for the biotechnology industry.


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