Kittissak Lakaew visits us to perform his last months of PhD research

Kittissak Lakaew is a PhD student in Biotechnology at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand. His predoctoral research is based on the effects of exogenous calcium application on yield and grain quality loss alleviation in rice by the induction of antioxidant defence system under ozone stress and heat stress. As part of his PhD training, Kittissak is performing an international six-months stay at the ANTIOX group, where he is developing a new project entitled "Induction of antioxidant biosynthesis in plant responses to abiotic stress by new plant growth regulators" focused on the effects of biostimulants on tomato productivity and quality under salt stress conditions. We hope his stay with the ANTIOX group will provide him new and interesting insights and a new approach to develop his research!



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