Research for new agrobiotechnology solutions

The ANTIOX group is happy to share that we have been awarded two new Llavor projects by AGAUR to deliver innovative technological solutions to the AgriFood sector. 

The projects are focused on the development of new biostimulants, one of them to reduce abusive phytosanitary use in strawberries cultivation, and the other one to provide an ecological solution to increase production and quality of legumes. Both projects are lead by Prof. Sergi Munné-Bosch and two entrepreneur scientists, our PhDs researchers Alba Arabia and Núria F. Bermejo.

Both projects have been highlighted by Fundació Bosch i Gimpera because of their relevance for the local production of strawberries to increase their added value, and also for legumes to enhance their protein profile for nutritional purposes

Positive results were obtained from our last Llavor project from the Industry Knowledge Program by AGAUR, and we are working towards the same success to deliver valuable products for AgriFood producers.


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